Truckie miraculously escapes death after freak accident

A truck driver has escaped death after a freak accident on a highway near Mildura on the NSW Victoria border.

A spare tyre from an oncoming truck came loose and flew through his cabin window, leaving a gaping hole in the windscreen.

The tyre went straight through the truck’s windscreen. Source: 7News
Witnesses say the tyre was on top of the driver when they rushed to his rescue. Source: 7News

Witnesses raced to his aid after the truckie started swerving, and suddenly pulled over.

“It was sitting on top of his head,” witness Ben Nisnoni said. “As he was sitting in the cab we’ve assisted with that, pushed the tyre off him and got him out. Surprisingly the driver was still alright.”

The man was taken to hospital in a stable condition.

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