Truck driver thrown from cabin in horrific fatal crash

A truck driver has been killed in a horror crash in Victoria, after being thrown out of the cab following a tragic chain of events.

After colliding with another truck, the 38-year-old’s rig ran out of control for more than 100 metres in Bacchus Marsh, 50km west of Melbourne.

“Any sort of collision involving a truck, you know there’s catastrophic damage,” Detective Sergeant Paul Lineham said.

The two trucks were heading in opposite directions when one truck’s trailer suddenly swung onto the wrong side of the road before the cabin of the second truck slammed straight into it.

The truck hurtled through a field before coming to a halt about 150 metres from the crash scene. Source: 7News
The truck was struck with the trailer of this vehicle passing in the opposite direction. Source: 7News

Det Sgt Lineham said after striking the truck, the second vehicle continued for nearly 150 metres, speculating the driver had died from the initial impact.

“There’s no indication of steering, input or braking at that stage there so it may be the result that the driver was already deceased,” he said.

The vehicle veered wildly into a paddock and through an empty cattle yard.

Police believe the driver’s body was thrown from the cabin as the truck crashed through a milking shed, coming to rest on the other side.

The truck smashed its way through a milking shed. Source: 7News

Police say it was extremely lucky that the truck missed the property’s home by only a matter of metres.

Investigations into the crash continue with police still questioning the 50-year-old driver of the first truck involved in the initial collision.

A short time later in Werribee, another driver received serious leg and head injuries when his truck overturned.

The road toll is almost 50 per cent higher than the same time last year in Victoria, prompting police to launch a ten-week blitz targeting areas including Dandenong, Epping , Bendigo and Shepparton if the current rate of carnage continues.

“We’re going to see lives lost that we haven’t seen in 20 years in Victoria,” Assistant Commissioner Neville Taylor.

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