Truck driver jailed for killing mum, son

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Ryan Kenny had been driving a truck for 14 hours when he collided with a car on the wrong side of the road, killing a Victorian mother and her son.

Kenny hadn't slept for more than 19 hours and was on the drug ice.

He has been jailed for 13 years for culpable driving causing the deaths of Amanda Kilmister, 37, and her 12-year-old son Harrison in northeast Victoria in November 2018.

Kenny must serve eight years and nine months before becoming eligible for parole.

Mrs Kilmister's passenger and husband, Paul, survived the crash but was left with an acquired brain injury that is likely to be permanent.

The couple's eight-month-old son was in hospital for six weeks while their two-year-old boy suffered minor injuries.

County Court Judge Carolene Gwynn on Wednesday said Mrs Kilmister would have had little if any chance to avoid the collision at Brimin, near Corowa, that night.

Afterwards, Kenny stashed drug paraphernalia in a beanie about 140m away.

"I accept this would have happened in a state of panic, but I find it most concerning your first priority was to protect your own interests," Judge Gywnn said.

The Kilmisters' fourth child wasn't in the car but was "scarred forever" by seeing his family members hooked up to machines in hospital.

Kenny pleaded guilty to two charges each of culpable driving causing death and negligent driving causing injury, and one charge of destroying evidence.