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Truck and cyclist overtaking rule sparks heated debate online

A road rule involving a cyclist has stumped Queensland motorists on Facebook and led to a series of arguments.

Department of Transport and Main Roads posted a graphic of a truck preparing to pass a cyclist in a 70km/h zone.

“What’s the minimum passing distance the truck driver should leave between their vehicle and the bike rider?” the department wrote.

The answer is 1.5 metres if the speed limit is more than 60km/h. Cyclists have to keep as far left as possible to keep the gap open.

A graphic shows a truck about to pass a cyclist in a 70 zone. The rule is if the speed's over 60km/h vehicles have to keep a 1.5-metre gap when passing cyclists. Lower than that it's a one-metre gap.
Queensland's Department of Transport and Main Roads posted this graphic asking motorists if they knew the law in passing cyclists. Source: Facebook/ Department of Transport and Main Roads

However, people were angered by the law with some calling for cyclists to be taken off the roads entirely.

“It shouldn't matter, anything over a 40 zone bicycles shouldn't be allowed on the road for their own safety,” one man wrote.

“If they want their own road be like every normal motorist pay rego and have your own roads built from the income from your rego.”

Another man added the law had “no common sense” and another suggested the bike should “never” be on the road at the same time as a semitrailer.

However, another man wrote “it’s pretty simple really” and anyone not willing to respect the law has “no right to be driving a truck on a public road”.

Others were frustrated claiming some roads are “too narrow” to allow for the passing law.

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