New details emerge after four dogs maul pet to death in family backyard

Samuel Hussey
News Reporter

Beatriz George was hanging out the washing in the backyard of her Narraweena home last month when two-year-old Chilli started barking at four loose dogs hanging out on the other side of the fence.

After screaming at her three children, aged just 5, 7, and 10 to run inside, the devastated family could only watch on as four of the six dogs tore their pet Spoodle to pieces.

“They destroyed him within minutes… there was no chance he was going to survive,” she explained to Yahoo7 News.

“For 15 minutes after they had mauled Chilli, they all stood around him as if to guard what they had just attacked.”

Beatriz George and her pet Spoodle, Chilli. Source: Supplied
Four of the dogs have since been euthanised. Source: Supplied

Four of the six cross-breed dogs that belong to the one owner have now been put down, however Northern Beaches Councillor Rory Amon remains optimistic that the owner’s other two dogs, which have also since been seized, can be rehabilitated.

“The owner of the dogs who killed Chilli owned six dogs. Four were responsible for the attack and were impounded early this week,” he wrote on Facebook over the weekend.

“The additional two dogs were surrendered to Council yesterday. Good news that these dogs are out of this owner’s hands.

“Hopefully they can be rehabilitated.”

Surviving dogs ‘had been in past attack’

While the final two dogs were not involved in Chilli’s death, Ms George said she maintains fears that they could attack again given their history in the area.

It is alleged the dogs had been involved in previous incidents, including an attack on a Siberian husky that left it requiring $12,000 in vet bills.

“Some of Chilli’s attackers attacked another dog in December 2018 causing that dog significant harm,” Cr Amon wrote.

Two dogs belonging to the same owner have been forfeited, with the hopes they can be rehabilitated. Source: Supplied

Northern Beaches Council CEO Ray Brownlee told Yahoo News that they take dog attacks of this nature extremely serious and that there are “significant penalties” for owners who do not have their dogs under their control.

“This has been an extremely traumatic experience for the attacked dog’s owners and the broader community who witnessed the attack,” Ms Brownlee said.

“I reiterate the message to all owners of dogs to know your responsibilities: register and microchip your dogs, house them securely and make sure they are under your control at all times.

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