Tropical Cyclone Debbie used as reason why man’s remains not found

A prisoner claims Tropical Cyclone Debbie is the reason why the remains of slain Mackay man Timothy Pullen, who died six years ago, haven't been found.

Cyclone Debbie wreaked havoc on Queensland, and more than a year on its destructive force has found its way into a courtroom.

Timothy Pullen’s parents don’t want Stephen Renwick released on parole until their son is found.

Mr Pullen’s mum Leanne said she and her husband, Gary, were feeling “apprehensive” because so much was riding on Friday’s hearing and that she questioned where her son's remains are "constantly."

Timothy Pullen died six years ago and his body has never been found. Source: 7 News

Renwick’s lawyer Joshua Fenton said his client is “doing his best to cooperate”. He wants parole and says, “Cyclone Debbie passed straight over… (and) whatever remains were left were washed away”.

Mrs Pullen said she “couldn’t imagine” her son’s body “laying out in the open exposed to the elements”.

Renwick initially claimed Mr Pullen’s body was dumped in a paddock, but after parole laws changed so did his story, suggesting the body was in a slightly different location and burnt.

Stephen Renwick claims Mr Pullen's body was washed away by Cyclone Debbie. Source: 7 News

While the law is called "no body, no parole", it’s not entirely accurate.

If the parole board are satisfied Renwick cooperated to identify Mr Pullen’s location, then he might get paroled.

"I was hoping that it would be very black and white that if a body isn't found well you don't get parole,” Mrs Pullen said.

It's not clear when a decision will be handed down.

Leanne and Gary Pullen outside court on Friday. Source: 7 News