Trigger Point star on dramatic moment she caught fire on S2 set

natalie simpson, trigger point, season 2
Trigger Point star says she caught fire on S2 setITV

Trigger Point star Natalie Simpson has recalled a dramatic moment which saw her catch fire during filming for the drama's second series.

The ITV show will return for a new series on January 28, with the action following Lana Washington (Vicky McClure) and her bomb disposal squad as they attempt to track down a terrorist group operating in London.

Simpson, who has joined the cast as DS Helen Morgan for the upcoming series, spoke with Digital Spy and other press ahead of the launch later this month, and she recalled a dramatic mishap with a heater during filming.

natalie simpson, trigger point, season 2

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"It was one of my first days," she began. "It was really cold and we had heaters on set and I'm standing right next to one of the heaters having an in depth chat or watching TikTok or something.

"And then I just smelt something and thought 'God, what is that smell, it's horrible', and then I realised that my (trouser) leg was on fire from the heater...

"Obviously I have a real sense of guilt and shame and was like 'the costume department is going to kill me. I've burnt the costume' but luckily they have doubles. But I'm a snitch so I was running up to tell them and Mark (Stanley, who plays DI Thom Youngblood) was like 'don't say anything, just ride it out,' but I ran up to them and was like 'I'm so sorry, I ruined it.'

vicky mcclure, trigger point, season 2

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McClure, who has also appeared on Line of Duty and Broadchurch, also took part in the Q&A, teasing that her character would carry a lot of emotional baggage from the conclusion of the first series.

"The great thing is we've got a whole series to reflect on, there was plenty for me to come back with in terms of where Lana's at now," she said. "She's unsure of where she is in life [as] she's lost friends."

Trigger Point series 2 will premiere on ITV1 at 9pm on January 28.

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