Tricyclist rides out in front of traffic – so why are cars blamed for the accident?

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

A man on a tricycle has been caught on dashcam riding out onto a busy Western Australian road and colliding with a car.

The footage, which has divided opinion as to who is as fault, begins with the motorist driving on the left lane of the busy road in Mandurah, before a cyclist rides directly into its path.

A white 4WD in the right hand lane can be seen giving way to the cyclist, who despite not having right of way, crosses the traffic flowing in both directions of Pinjarra Road.

A man on a tricycle rides out onto a busy Western Australian road in front of traffic flowing in both directions. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia / Facebook

It appears the trike rider chose to cross dangerously despite a pedestrian crossing about 20 metres ahead.

Up until the moment the cyclist is struck, he appears obscured from the dashcam vehicle, behind other stopped cars in the right lane.

The driver decreases his speed as the man becomes visible, coming to a stop as the man is knocked off his bike.

In seconds, the rider is on his feet and walks his bike to the footpath, reportedly uninjured, before the motorist pulls up over the side of the road, assumably to check on the man.

Despite the cyclist failing to cross at the lights and riding out in front of flowing traffic, many who have viewed the video on the Dash Cam Owners Facebook page have blamed the motorists for stopping.

The internet is divided over who’s at fault for the collision. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia / Facebook

One man, who said the rider was “lucky” he didn’t end up killed, said the video was an example why cars shouldn’t stop for people crossing a multiple lane road.

“Even though the driver who stopped thought he was being courteous, he could’ve been the reason old mate ends up dead,” he wrote.

Another agreed, saying the motorists in the right lane should not have stopped to let him pass.

In many countries it’s illegal to stop for someone who is crossing illegally. In such a case, the person who stopped [on the right] would be found at fault for this accident.”

Another added: “I don’t stop for them they can use the crossing like normal people.”

The rider crossed dangerously despite a pedestrian light crossing about 20 metres away. Source: Google Maps

However, not everyone agreed.

“As someone who drives on that road, you notice how you don’t see the trike until he’s clear of the stopped cars? Hows the driver supposed to know if the first car is turning into one of the shops on the right? another asked.

“Thats what i wouldve been thinking so therefore no need to drop down from 60 kph speed zone on that road.”

One argued it was the driver who hit the rider that was at fault.

“You must give way to pedestrians regardless of illegal or not. You can’t just hit someone because they’re illegally crossing the road. The car who hit him should be going slow enough to stop in time.”

However, a bunch of people agreed the rider should be accountable for crossing dangerously.

“Old mate ending up dead is on him alone.. no one made him move out in front of traffic,” another wrote.