Tributes paid to Queen on memorial day

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* "The passing of the Queen, while we knew it to be inevitable, has still struck with an impact that has exceeded any expectation here in Australia, in the United Kingdom, and indeed across the globe." - Governor-General David Hurley

* "She was my Queen. I don't pretend that I had a special relationship with her, though our encounters are now treasured memories. But she was part of my life." - Mr Hurley

* "Her Majesty shared in Australia's growth and change during her reign. She respected the will of the Australian people, she understood that we are our own people and that we control our destiny." - Mr Hurley

* "Amidst the noise and turbulence of the decades, the Queen endured - and so did Australia's affection for her, our sense of connection to her." - Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

* "Perhaps the greatest tribute we can offer her family and her memory is not a marble statue or a metal plaque. It is a renewed embrace of service to community, a truer understanding of our duty to others, a stronger commitment to respect for all." - Mr Albanese

* "If grief is the price we pay for love, then the outpouring of global grief in these past 14 days speaks to just how much she was loved." - Opposition Leader Peter Dutton

* "On our radios, our televisions, our digital devices, she was a constant, comforting and confidence-inspiring presence. We gravitated to her gentle demeanour. We were drawn to her radiant smile. And we were captivated by her wise words." - Mr Dutton

* "Her selfless service and her commitment to duty were truly admirable." - Foreign Minister Penny Wong

* "Her contribution has not ceased at her passing because even now she is still bringing people together." - Liberal deputy leader Sussan Ley