Trevor Phillips issues defiant Reform racism row warning: ‘We protect our children’

Sky News presenter Trevor Phillips spoke of the need to protect his children from racism as he issued a defiant message in the Reform racism row.

In a week that saw one campaigner refer to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as a “f****** p***” and another claim migrants arriving by small boats should be “target practice”, Nigel Farage’s party has come under fire.

Presenting his politics show on Sunday (30 June), Mr Phillips said: “In our family, we protect our children, not by hiding them from the reality of the world but preparing them for a world in which such words are still regrettably commonplace.

“They understand from the get-go that the person with the problem is not them, but the racist. All that said, out of courtesy to some colleagues who feel differently and who may be distressed by the use of such words, we'll do our best to avoid them today.”