Trent Brown didn't enjoy his time with the Raiders: 'It wasn’t a good fit'

Chris Cwik
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Offensive lineman Trent Brown is glad to be back with the New England Patriots. Brown praised the club Wednesday, but it came at the expense of the Las Vegas Raiders, which he called a bad fit for him, according to

As Brown explained how things have gone poorly for him since leaving the Patriots, he causally dropped that he "wasn’t really feeling [his] place of work" the past few years. Brown left the Patriots for the Raiders following the 2018 season. He played one year with the Raiders in Oakland and remained with the team for one season in Las Vegas.

Brown clarified he didn't mean any disrespect toward the Raiders, but he didn't feel like he was a good fit for the organization.

“No hard feelings to them or anything, but I guess you could just say it wasn’t a good fit, and I felt like I wanted to be back somewhere where I — I’ve worn a lot of jerseys in my life, but I’ve never been more proud than when I put on the Patriots jersey.”

Brown may not have been happy with the Raiders, but it didn't show in his play. During his first season with the team, Brown made the Pro Bowl after playing in 11 games.

He was limited to five games last season due to various injuries and health issues. Brown missed a contest after air entered his bloodstream while Brown was getting a pregame IV. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he was treated and released the following day.

Trent Brown enjoyed his time in New England

After a disastrous 2020, Brown is much happier to be back with the Patriots. During his brief stint with the team in 2018, Brown said he "began to appreciate" football in a much different way.

“When I became a Patriot — I’ve always loved football, but I think I began to appreciate what it takes,” Brown said Wednesday. “Like, the actual time and effort and sacrifices you have to make. And really, it was fun to me. Some people don’t like it [in New England], but I loved it, honestly. I just think it’s where I need to be. I’m happy. I’m happy with the organization. I was happiest when I was there. I’ve never had more fun playing football in my life. So I’m glad to be back.”

Brown notes some don't enjoy their time with the Patriots. That was the case with Indianapolis Colts cornerback Kenny Moore, who called his stint with the team "one of the low spots of my life." Jonnu Smith — who signed with the Patriots in March — said he cried tears of joy after inking his deal. The Patriots may not be for everyone, but Brown had a great experience with the team.

Whether that continues depends on how much the Patriots bounce back after a disappointing 2020. The team addressed multiple needs in free agency, going on a $232 million spending spree to pick up talent. That should ensure the Patriots are much improved in 2021.

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