Treasurer abruptly ends A Current Affair interview with Tracy Grimshaw

The moment a politician ended an interview by rushing off camera has been aired on A Current Affair.

The bizarre moment was broadcast on Channel Nine on Monday night during an interview between ACA host Tracy Grimshaw and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.

Mr Frydenberg was in the middle of an interview about the government’s response to coronavirus and the non-essential business closure announced late Sunday evening when he abruptly ended it.

When Grimshaw prodded Mr Frydenberg about the confusion surrounding the opening of schools, he said he had to go due to a vote needed on a bill.

“The states have closed their borders. They are either closing schools, or leaving them open and saying parents should keep kids home. Is it time for the National cabinet to bite the bullet and make a definitive decision because it is confused messaging?” Grimshaw questioned.

Josh Frydenberg (right) abruptly ended the interview with Tracy Grimshaw on A Current Affair Source: ACA

Mr Frydenberg started answering the question before removing his earpiece and saying: “I have to go, there is a division.”

“Alright, thank you. I had other questions, but I understand you had to go,” Grimshaw said looking shocked.

Josh Frydenberg abruptly leaves the live interview. Source: ACA

“Will you tell her that I can come back,” Mr Frydenberg said off camera as he put down his earpiece.

The segment then rolled to the next story and the interview did not continue.

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