Travis Kelce says royal children were ‘an absolute delight’ at Taylor Swift gig

Travis Kelce has described Princess Charlotte and Prince George as “an absolute delight”, after meeting the young royals at his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s London concerts.

Kelce talked to the Prince of Wales and his children, at the first of three Eras Tour performances at Wembley Stadium on Friday.

A picture of him, Swift, Charlotte, George and William, on his 42nd birthday, was posted to her Instagram page, before the US singer went on to perform two more concerts on Saturday and Sunday.

Jason Kelce in a green jersey
Travis Kelce’s brother, Jason, watched Swift live for the first time at the Wembley concert (Anthony Behar/PA)

Kelce and his brother Jason Kelce talked on their New Heights podcast about finding all three royals to be “wonderful”.

The American footballer added he had never seen his brother, Jason, give someone “that much respect”.

He said: “They were an absolute delight to me, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to bow to them or curtsy, or just be an American idiot and shake their hand.”

Jason added the pair were given guidance beforehand and told they would not need to bow as it was not an official royal event, but said he still addressed William as “your royal highness”, and added he had “never felt so emasculated”.

He said: “The highlight was Princess Charlotte, Prince George was great too, but she was so f****** adorable.

“I cannot express how much of a superstar she was.

“Maybe it’s because I have three girls now, but she had fire to her, she was asking questions, that was the most electric part of it.”

Kelce said he thought the Princess of Wales and William had “encouraged her to be present and be vocal”, and Jason added that Charlotte could “lead a conversation”.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end went on to describe William as “fantastic”, “personable” and “the coolest motherf*****”, while Jason added he was “down to earth”.

The pair also discussed the concert itself, and Jason revealed it was the first time he had seen Taylor perform live.

Travis said Swift’s performance was “amazing”, and added he could remember playing at the stadium in 2015, but said “they get a lot louder for Taylor than they do for American football”.

Jason said: “It was insanely impressive, obviously Taylor is an amazing singer and songwriter, but then to be able to go out there and be a performer at that level, she was up there for like three and a half hours.

“If I did what she did for one song, I would have to change my clothes.

“Obviously the (fans) Swifties make it very memorable, everyone is so into it, they’re singing all the songs. There’s two concerts that have been like that, that one and the first time I saw Bruce Springsteen live.

“It was just these insane fandoms that love these artists so much that they know all the songs.”

Kelce said he had brought “a whole bunch of friends and family” to the show, and added it was “just so cool to come over to London and support her, and have a few beers while she killed it on stage”.

During the podcast, he said the only team he would leave the Chiefs for would be a team based in London as he said the city was “awesome”.

Swift performing at Wembley in a blue and white outfit
Both brothers praised the first night of Swift’s Wembley run (Ian West/PA)

He said: “I’ve enjoyed London since I’ve been here, the people are awesome.

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I get completely f***** up every time we take a left turn into the left lane, I think it’s f****** crazy, I think we’re committing suicide.

“Every single room I go into feels like it’s not made for people my size.

“Then on top of that, the beers, they’re a little bit tastier over here, they’ve been doing it for a little bit longer, it does taste really nice over here.

“And I love the scenery, the scenery is awesome, it kind of switches depending on which part of London you’re in, and I like that.”

The pair added that they were both confused by British slang, and undertook a quiz to see if they could understand any phrases, with “tosser” being one of the few they got correct.