Traveller horrified to find woman living in hole behind hotel mirror

Olivia Morris
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Hotel stays – whether for a holiday or work trip – are usually a treat, with fresh sheets, pristinely clean bathrooms and room service all at your fingertips.

However, for one woman the dream turned into a nightmare after she claimed she found a person living in a hole behind her hotel mirror.

Sharing her story on Reddit under the username tbug1411, the woman recalled returning to her hotel room after a day of work only to find a woman standing in her bathroom.

At first she thought the woman was a cleaner, but she then realised she was holding her bag and clothes.

“I was in shock and she was obviously very flustered having been caught mid robbery,” she wrote on the forum. “She dropped my bags and fumbled around with her purse and a white plastic bag.”

Completely startled by the encounter, she let the woman leave, but afterwards found the rest of the room had been completely ransacked.

Although none of her stuff appeared to be missing, she called the police who came to check out the hotel room. That’s when woman noticed there were “bits of drywall in the sink”.

“I pointed that out to the cops but none of us really knew where it came from,” she said. “We started looking at the door and the windows to see if she pried her way in somehow but there was nothing.

“So we kind of just went with the idea that she had a spare key or something, even though the hotel front desk was adamant that there’s no way that could be.”

After the police left, the woman was looking at the drywall in the sink when it hit her.

The woman was horrified to discover a hole behind her hotel room mirror where the female intruder had been staying. Source: Getty

She pulled the mirror off the wall and found “a hole there just big enough for a desperate junkie to squeeze through”. Ummmmm, what?

The police returned, and after taking a look into the hole they discovered there were clothes, blankets, a pillow, toothbrushes and more.

“This woman had been LIVING IN THE WALL BEHIND MY MIRROR for God knows how long!!” the woman wrote. “She had access to me and my room at all times!!”

Turns out the female intruder had access to other hotel rooms too.

Lesson for the day here: always check behind your hotel bathroom mirrors.

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