'It's traumatising': Teen girl horrified after waking up paralysed in nightclub bathroom

A Perth teenager has revealed the horrifying moment she woke up unable to move, see or talk in the bathroom of a nightclub after she was stabbed with a needle containing a suspected date rape drug.

What was supposed to be her first night of fun and partying as an adult took just 90 seconds to go incredibly wrong, when 18-year-old Shayna felt someone pull her back and stab a needle into her arm while on the dance floor at the Universal Bar at Northbridge on Friday night.

Her sister, Miki, raised the alarm after finding Shayna in a bad way in the bathroom.

She knew something was immediately wrong given Shayna suffers from epilepsy and doesn’t drink.

“It’s pretty traumatising,” the shocked teen told 7 News.

What was supposed to be a night of celebrating Shayna’s 18th birthday ended up in the emergency room. Source: 7 News
She found a series of spots on her arm after the suspected needle stabbing. Source: 7 News

“If I didn’t have anyone with me, I wouldn’t have come back home, I don’t think I would have survived the night.”

She was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital where she spent the night as doctors kept a close eye on her.

While pending test results should be able to determine exactly what Shayna was stabbed with, she now faces an agonising six-month wait to know if she contracted any disease like hepatitis or HIV.

However, it’s now believed that Shayna was not the only needle attack victim from the weekend.

Shayna (left) was found by her older sister Miki in the bathroom of the Northbridge nightclub. Source: 7 News

A man turned up to Royal Perth Hospital about the same time as Shayna on Friday evening, saying he was stabbed in the arm while walking near the WA Museum site.

Another teenage girl was also taken to the RPH on Saturday night with similar symptoms to Shayna, after an alleged incident at The Court Hotel.

Police are encouraging anyone who believes they may have been targeted over the weekend to come forward with any information.

The nightclubs involved are all cooperating with authorities and say they will hand over their CCTV to help with the investigation.

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