Transmission prompts Vic supermarket alert

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Don't mingle while grocery shopping, Victorian health authorities warn, following recent instances of COVID-19 transmission at supermarkets.

There are more than 970 listed exposure sites across the state - and a third are supermarkets.

"We're now in an environment where there is widespread community transmission," COVID commander Jeroen Weimar told reporters on Thursday.

"That person next to you at the grocery aisle may be positive and they may not know it, they may not be showing any symptoms, but we're seeing transmission in that environment."

A Brunswick East Coles and Dan Murphy's in Mildura are among new exposure sites visited by infected shoppers as the state reported 324 new local cases - its highest daily tally since August 2020.

"The people you are talking to in your local neighbourhood store may have been exposed. We don't know," Mr Weimar said.

"You need to ensure you protect yourself - protect them from you, and you from them."

Another third of Victorian exposure sites are smaller community retail hubs, while construction sites comprise the final 30 per cent or so.

A further two positive cases linked to a Melbourne CBD construction site were reported on Thursday, taking the outbreak across multiple floors to eight people.

There are 89 primary close contacts of the cluster in isolation and Mr Weimar expects more of the group to test positive in coming days.

Despite operating with limited staff, construction sites remain a "significant area of concern" and managers and workers have been urged to maintain strict infection control measures.

"We've been fortunate this outbreak that we haven't seen widespread transmission at worksites. We really need to ensure we don't get into that territory in the days and weeks ahead," Mr Weimar said.

Melbourne's large-scale construction workforce is currently capped at 25 per cent, but that figure will double once 90 per cent of its workers have had one vaccine dose.

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