Transgender woman 'burned beyond recognition' in the US

A 23-year-old woman’s body which was “burned beyond recognition” was found in a car, almost 50km away from her home.

Bee Love Slater was killed on Wednesday September 4 and left in her burning car.

Slater is the 18th transgender person in the United States who has been killed by violent means, according to Human Rights Watch, which tracks the deaths of transgendered people.

Bee Love Slater was burned 'beyond recognition' and left in her car. Source: Facebook

According to pro-LGBTQ publication The Advocate, a majority of the transgendered people brutally killed were women of colour.

According to NBC News, Hendry County Sheriff Susan Harrell said authorities initially struggled to identify the body. Slater was identified through dental records.

Authorities are yet to comment on the specifics of the murder, nor have they revealed a motive, however they have confirmed they will investigate whether Slater’s gender was a motive.

A long-time friends of Slater, Jackson, spoke to the Palm Beach Post, saying he had more questions than answers.

Jackson also said Slater was subjected to verbal harassment and often disrespected for how she dressed.

Bee Love Slater's far was found almost 50km awa from her home in Florida. Source: WPTV.

Slater reportedly had surgery earlier this year, which helped with her confidence. However, Jackson said recently Slater was dealing with cyberbullying.

Florida is one of 31 states in America where gender identity is not the basis for a hate crime.

Director of LGBT+ Center Orlando, George Wallace, told NBC News that transgender women of colour "are killed at a higher rate than that of their peers."

"I find it sad and upsetting that our trans brothers and sisters continue to be targets of hate and intolerance," Wallace said.

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