The Traitors UK finale reveals Harry's shocking fate and who won

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The Traitors finale reveals Harry's shocking fatePaul Chappells - BBC

The Traitors series 2 spoilers follow.

The second season of The Traitors aired its final episode tonight (January 26) after a dramatic game of betrayals and alliances.

Following a tense round table, Traitor Harry and Faithful Mollie were the last two surviving players, leaving Harry to take the entire jackpot.

The episode began with the final five — Faithfuls Mollie, Evie and Jaz and Traitors Harry and Andrew — trying to suss each other out ahead of the final round table of the season.

Ahead of the tense banishment, the group headed out for their final mission in the Scottish Highlands.

the traitors fire pit in series 2 finale

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The challenge kicked off with a helicopter ride to Portknockie, where the contestants were tasked with raising the mainsail of a ship. Additional flags worth more money were also scattered across the Loch.

After abseiling, climbing and swimming their way to the ship, the gang managed to hoist the mainsail and flags, adding £20,000 to the prize fund — bringing it to a whopping £95,150.

After the mission, it was time for one more banishment as the final two Traitors Harry and Andrew tried to save themselves by deflecting to Evie. The Faithful was ultimately banished, receiving votes from all four players.

The two Faithfuls and two Traitors then reconvened for The End Game, where they all decided to banish again. Andrew was the next to be voted out. After revealing himself to be a Traitor, Mollie and Harry opted to end the game, while Jaz decided to banish again.

the traitors' harry at series 2 finale

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Harry voted for Jaz, while Jaz voted for Harry. In a shocking twist of events, Mollie chose to change her vote at the last minute, meaning Jaz was banished from the game.

"I am, and since the start, have been a Traitor," revealed Harry. Upon finding out, a distraught Mollie left the room in tears.

"My family know I'm a good guy. To everyone else, if you don't think I'm a good guy, I promise you I am. But I came here for my family, for my loved ones. They're my motivation. They're the reason I go in life," said Harry after being crowned champion.

"I've just won £95,000. I feel I can breathe. I'm just me again. I'm Harry again... I've had enough of being naughty and being bad because that was next level!"

The Traitors is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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