The Traitors’ Mollie explains final banishment decision

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The Traitors’ Mollie explains final endgame moveMark Mainz - BBC

The Traitors spoilers follow.

The Traitors star Mollie Pearce has explained her decision in the final banishment, revealing that the moment was “intense”.

The finale saw a dramatic endgame in which Mollie, Jaz Singh and Harry Clark were the final three after successfully ousting Andrew Jenkins, with Jaz throwing a spanner in the works as he opted for another banishment instead of ending the game.

Mollie was subsequently faced with the choice of either banishing Jaz, whose tactic had virtually confirmed he was a Faithful, or Harry, who she had grown close to during their time in the castle despite not knowing he was a Traitor all along.

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Despite initially writing Harry on her chalkboard, Mollie subsequently elected to banish Jaz in agreement with Harry, with the decision costing her dearly as Harry walked away with the prize of over £95k.

With several viewers noting that the percentage play would have been to vote Harry off, Mollie explained to Digital Spy and other press that the pressure of the moment played a part in her decision making, saying: “Honestly, my head was scrambled at that moment.

"It’s really hard to actually explain how intense voting someone out is. I know that people take it quite lightly, but you’re taking someone’s experience away from them.

"You’re taking away the chance for them to win and it’s a really hard thing to do, especially towards the end when we’d all formed friendships and we’ve had real bonds. It definitely became a lot harder. That final roundtable was something I won’t forget anytime soon.

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"I think it was hard for me to change my mind completely with Harry because I had trusted him throughout the whole experience, whereas with Jaz I had had my doubts. So to switch up on Harry after just one comment… I couldn’t go through with it."

Mollie added: "We all know that I put Harry’s name down on my board, so there were doubts in my head, definitely. There definitely was a minute where I was thinking, I need to listen to what everyone’s saying.

"But I’m quite an emotional person, and I think the friendship just took over for me, and I just couldn’t do that to him. Without fully being convinced he was a traitor, I just would have found that really really hard, because if he’d stood up there and said he was a Faithful, I would have felt so guilty."

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