The Traitors finally airs bombshell secret to cast after new banishment

claudia winkleman on the traitors series 2, episode 10
The Traitors finally airs bombshell family secretLlara Plaza - BBC

The Traitors series 2 episode 10 spoilers follow.

The Traitors continued tonight (January 24) after another agonising five-day wait, following up from the cliffhanger of Ross's recruitment into the Traitors. After plenty of drama, we got another banishment, another murder, and the moment where the group learned about a certain familial secret...

At breakfast, Zack openly accused Ross of being a Traitor, citing Jaz's murder as evidence, then when Jaz walked in and Harry revealed that he had a shield and that he was probably the murder target, Zack then said Ross not knowing about Harry's shield was also evidence.

Following on from Zack's argument with Jasmine previously, she and Ross called him out for his rude behaviour and for being "narcissistic" and "self-absorbed". As multiple players noted, the tension was really making everyone uncomfortable.

the traitors series 2 harry with his hands on his face

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The finger-pointing was put on hold as the players had to do the episode's task, carrying gold across the woods and avoiding the traps in order to increase their overall prize pot.

The task didn't go well for the players, with only Andrew making it through and banking a measly £3,000 out of a possible £10,000.

Alone in the corridor, Ross and Andrew agreed that Harry was being "elusive" and would throw either of them under the bus to win. But then Ross stirred the pot further by telling Harry about the "elusive" comment in another one-on-one conversation in the kitchen.

claudia winkleman on the traitors series 2, episode 10
Llara Plaza - BBC

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At the Round Table, Zack immediately went on the attack at Ross again, but he fought back with the assistance of Jasmine. Evie piped up and stated that Ross was being uncharacteristically defensive, which is when Harry decided to mention the kitchen conversation.

Ross tried to get Andrew to back him up, but Andrew denied having that conversation or using the word elusive in the entire game. Both of Ross's fellow Traitors voted for him, as did every single person but Jasmine (and himself). He had indeed been thrown under the bus, and run over with it multiple times.

As well as revealing he was a Traitor, Ross told the group that he was Diane's son.

the traitors series 2 ross and diane at the breakfast

"I'm lost for words," Jasmine said, while Mollie wondered if he was Irish as well.

As the dust settled, some of the Faithfuls did start to wonder if Ross did tell the truth about Andrew's comments. With suspicion amongst the group now split between Andrew and Jasmine, will two Traitors make it through to the final?

And who will the Traitors murder out of Mollie, Jaz or Zack?

The Traitors continues tomorrow at 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

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