The Traitors' Charlie Bees and Evie Morrison respond to viewer confusion

kyra, charlie, the traitors, season 2, episode 2
Traitors' Charlie and Evie respond to confusioBBC

The Traitors season 3, episode 9 spoilers follow.

The most recent murder victim on The Traitors, Charlie Bees, has responded to viewers confusing her with fellow Faithfuls member Evie Morrison.

Charlie appeared on The Traitors: Uncloaked to discuss being murdered by Traitors Harry and Andrew during Friday's (January 19) episode — and also touched on her resemblance to Evie.

Earlier in the series, Evie tweeted that she was grateful to stand out at one of the roundtables because it made some fans realise she wasn't Charlie.

kyra, charlie, the traitors, season 2, episode 2
Kyra and Charlie BBC

"Ngl [Not gonna lie] kinda glad for that roundtable cos people are finding out for the first time that me and Charlie are in fact two different people and not the same blonde person loool #TheTraitors #TheTraitorsUK," she wrote on Twitter / X.

Following her murder in Friday's (January 19) Traitors episode, Charlie had a chance to respond to her co-star's message.

"I must admit, I have heard this," she told The Traitors: Uncloaked presenter Ed Gamble. "I've actually been looking at some of the pictures, and to where I actually contacted Evie.

"I'm actually questioning whether we are related. We look so alike, and I said to Evie, 'I thought that you were beautiful and I could see why now!'"

She then quipped: "I need to have a conversation with my parents!"

the traitors series 2, jaz, evie charlotte and meg
Jaz, Evie Charlotte and MegLlara Plaza - BBC

Ed Gamble teased that it would be the ultimate twist for Traitors producers to put in two sisters who didn't even know they were related since we've already had mother-and-son duo Diane and Ross in this series.

Also in Friday's episode, Charlotte was banished during the roundtable as part of traitor Harry's latest plot to fool the Faithful lot.

However, the Traitors later made a potentially fatal mistake in choosing to seduce Ross since they have no idea that he's Diane's son — and now he's gunning for revenge.

The Traitors series 2 airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. For further details, check out the full Traitors series 2 release schedule here.

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