The Traitors' banished star reacts to roundtable betrayal

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The Traitors' banished star reacts to betrayalStudio Lambert/Mark Mainz - BBC

The Traitors spoilers follow.

The Traitors star Paul Gorton has reacted to the betrayal at the roundtable that saw him exit the show.

Tonight’s episode (January 18) saw the devilish player finally pay for his scheming, with fellow Traitor Harry sowing the seeds of doubt ahead of the banishment ceremony.

Despite trying valiantly to deflect attention onto Jaz, Paul’s luck ran out as he received seven votes from a possible 12, exiting in typically dramatic fashion as he bowed to his co-stars.

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During an appearance on The Traitors: Uncloaked, Paul gave credit to Harry for his tactics prior to the ceremony, which saw him posit to Zack that Paul's attack on Miles the previous night represented a fight between two Traitors.

“It was a genius move,” he said. “When I watched that it blew me away. I know what’s happening from my perspective of being in there, but I don’t know what’s going on behind my back. It was like Star Wars, Darth Vader [with Luke] – 'Harry I am your father.'

“I would never have turned my back on Harry. I promise you now. When Harry did that to me, it was a shock. I thought ‘Oh no – we were going to win it.’ My plan was for Andrew to go and for us to win it. There wasn’t one part of me that was going to betray Harry.”

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The star, who had been a Traitor since the very first day, also detailed his experience of the show, revealing his process for getting into character: “I was reading American Psycho, trying to picture Patrick Bateman. I was thinking 'I can't break character' – as soon as I'm the normal me I crumbled."

Paul's exit leaves Harry and Andrew as the last two Traitors, with the pair opting to murder another Faithful instead of recruiting another member to the dark side, with the victim of the crime being revealed tomorrow.

The Traitors series 2 airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. For further details, check out the full Traitors series 2 release schedule here.

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