The Traitors airs resolution of huge Diane cliffhanger with dramatic funeral twist

the traitors series 2 claudia winkleman in a funeral veil
The Traitors airs resolution of Diane cliffhangerBBC

The Traitors series 2, episode 7 spoilers follow.

The Traitors finally followed up on its latest shocking cliffhanger tonight (January 17), revealing Diane's fate after an agonising five-day wait and lots of concern on social media.

We saw very early on in the episode that Diane did indeed drink from the poisoned chalice that Miles had given her, meaning that she was the latest Faithful to be murdered.

But then Claudia Winkleman informed viewers that the poison would take its time to work and wouldn't kill them until at least after breakfast.

the traitors series 2 ross and diane at the breakfast

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Indeed, Diane and her secret son Ross turned up first to breakfast, which Traitors Miles, Harry and Paul were completely astounded by and had to do their best to hide. Claudia then came in and revealed the poison twist, stating that the player would die after the day's task, which they needed to dress appropriately for, and immediately left them to discuss.

Diane mentioned that she thought it might be her, and wondered if it was a hug or a kiss, before other players mentioned the possibility of it being a poisoned drink. Luckily for Miles, lots of people had given lots of people drinks.

Diane even brought up the fizzy rosé to Miles, but as a joke since she didn't believe Miles was a Traitor, plus Evie had also given her a drink.

The task itself turned out to be a funeral march (with a horse-drawn cart, a wailing choir and veils), with Claudia explaining that they had to decipher clues around the grounds to try and identify the poisoned player in order to add money to the prize pot, and try to judge from reactions who could be a Traitor.

the traitors series 2 claudia winkleman in a funeral veil

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As if the task wasn't dramatic enough, the final part of it had Paul, Evie and Diane lying down in open coffins. Every other player had to throw a rose into the coffin of the person they thought was poisoned and explain why, before the coffin would close on the victim.

Harry used the opportunity to state that Diane was probably murdered by a drink, while Miles was one of only two people to throw a rose in Paul's coffin. In the end, Diane received the most roses and the money was added to the prize pot, although the group weren't exactly cheering about it.

During the task, Diane mentioned to a few other contestants that if she died, it was likely Miles who did it, and following the funeral, the consensus was that it was most likely Miles, but potentially Evie.

the traitors series 2 miles around the round table

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Fearing his fellow Traitors were trying to oust him to save themselves, Miles tried to claim that Paul was pushing a narrative and that he shouldn't be trusted. At the Round Table, he countered Paul's attack with all the suspicions that people like Zack and Jaz had previously aired.

Miles couldn't do enough to save himself, and received most of the votes, meaning the second Traitor had been banished.

the traitors series 2 paul in a suit at the round table crying

Paul started to cry as the players congratulated him, which seemed to cement him as a Faithful in many people's eyes, although Harry wondered in a confessional if he was doing too much.

"I think it was a war between Traitors," he whispered to Zack.

While the episode could have ended with us wondering if Paul's time was up, there was still business to attend to. Harry and Paul gathered in the turret and were tasked by Claudia with recruiting a new member...

Who will they pick out of Andrew, Zack, Jasmine or Ross?

The Traitors airs Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at 9pm on BBC One.

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