Trains collide in Croatia, killing three

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A passenger train and freight train have collided in central Croatia, killing at least three people and injuring another 11 or more.

The collision happened on Friday night near the town of Novska, which is close to Croatia's border with Bosnia.

"The impact was huge," said Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, who rushed to the scene with other government officials.

Plenkovic confirmed the bodies of three people were found but more victims could still be found in the morning.

The injured have been hospitalised, some with serious injuries but none in life-threatening condition.

The cause of the collision was not immediately clear.

The passenger train was a local line carrying 13 people, while only the engine driver was in the freight train, Plenkovic said.

He said foreign citizens were among the injured.

Officials said both trains were pushed off the rails after the collision.

An investigation has been launched to determine what caused the collision.