'Get out of my face': Rowdy passengers abuse Sydney commuter who asked them to quiet down

A woman who tried hushing up a group of rowdy train passengers has faced a tirade of disturbing abuse in an ugly spat during peak-hour.

The confrontation happened on November 14 after a train on the Bankstown line departed Liverpool, a suburb of Greater Western Sydney, at 7.51am (local time), according to a witness who shared footage to YouTube.

After boarding at Liverpool, a group of both men and women began making loud noise and shouting abusive language, the witness said, so a bystander stepped in to quiet them down.

But when she did, they turned on her.

The confrontation shown unfolding on board the Bankstown line on November 14. Source: YouTube/Abdul Ahmed

“There are other people in this carriage. Can you go to another carriage please?” the woman asked the group.

“Why don't you move to another carriage, you little b*****. Get the f*** out,” one woman responded.

“Get the f*** out of my face,” she repeated.

Before insisting, “you’re going to hear our noise and it’s going to get worse”.

As the woman walked away to press the emergency button, another person shouted “you f***ing brothel worker”.

Eventually a train guard appears and proceeds to give the rambunctious group a stern talking to.

The woman was labelled a 'slut' by one of the rowdy group as she got off the train at Redfern Station (pictured is a stock image). Source: Google Maps/mohammadimran

“Just behave yourselves or you can walk,” he told them.

“This is your last warning and your only warning. This is a bloody train, not your bedroom.”

As the woman got up to get off the train at Redfern station, the abuse continued.

“Your mum's a f***ing brothel worker, you slut,” one person shouted out.

“You f***ing Punjabi slut,” another yelled.

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