Tragic new details after removalists' mum dies of Covid

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Tragic new details have emerged about the death of a mother of two infectious removalists who are facing criminal charges for allegedly breaching Covid rules

Saeeda Akobi Jjou Stu, 57, was found dead in her Green Valley home in southwest Sydney on Monday morning after she tested positive to coronavirus just days earlier. 

It came after her two sons, Ramsin and Roni Shawka, were charged with breaching public health orders after they travelled to Central West NSW for work while infectious

According to the Daily Telegraph, the mother was tested on Thursday night with her sons and they all discovered they had Covid on Friday, the same day the men allegedly travelled to Orange and Molong. 

The mum, aged in her 50s, has become the fifth person to die amid the latest Covid outbreak in NSW. Source: Facebook
Saeeda Akobi Jjou Stu, 57, is the fifth Covid death in NSW's latest outbreak. Source: Facebook

Since the pandemic began NSW health authorities have been warning about the spread of coronavirus among households and family members.

The Daily Telegraph reports the removalists both lived wth their mother, father, sister and several young children in the southwest Sydney home. 

Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant told reporters on Tuesday the family was offered to be transferred to a healthcare facility but instead opted to stay at home. 

"The local health district has got a lot of services for managing a large number of people in that area, and have got clinical care teams," she said. 

Police attend the woman's Green Valley home on Monday.
The mother was found dead in her Green Valley home on Monday. Source: 9 News

It is understood the mother had deteriorated quickly after her diagnosis, dying just three days after testing positive. 

“You can deteriorate quite quickly with Covid. We’re not dealing with a mild case of the flu,” Dr Chant told reporters on Tuesday.

“You are going to see rapid deteriorations, so it is important that we work with people with Covid to support them with the best possible care we can to ensure the best possible outcome.”

Son's tribute to mum after Covid death

In the wake of their mum's death, Roni and Ramsin paid tribute to her on Facebook

Ramsin changed his profile picture to a photo of his mother while Roni posted a devastating message. 

"Mama, my love, you are my life, Mama, you are my comfort and my life, Mama," he wrote, according to

The mum's congregation also posted a photo of her along with condolences for her children.

"A candle for the intention of the deceased, pray for it, and our warm condolences from the Association of Battaya Chaldean Sydney to the family of the deceased," a Facebook post read.

"May her soul rest in peace."

Removalists defend their actions

The removalists who were charged for travelling to the Central West despite being infectious on Friday defended their actions, saying they followed the rules and got tested, but did not show symptoms so were not required to isolate until they received their results under public health advice for essential workers. 

Roni claimed he, his brother and a third man who tested positive did not receive their results until after they arrived in Orange. 

However, police are alleging the trio continued on to Molong, about 40km away, despite being notified of the diagnosis and given the information that they should not travel further. 

NSW Police said in a statement the trio has been charged for failing to comply with public health orders and The Daily Telegraph reports they are due to face Orange court on August 30.

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