Traffic warden return weighed up after 10-year gap

Yellow lines
Council wardens could enforce parking regulations

A council is to debate the proposed return of traffic wardens to its streets after a 10-year absence.

They were removed from Dumfries and Galloway after a review following the creation of Police Scotland in 2013.

The council is now looking at their return as part of a regional parking strategy.

The local authority in south-west Scotland is one of a minority across the country that does not employ its own enforcement staff.

The council has already ruled out the introduction of parking charges on public roads as part of its review.

Free parking
The council has ruled out introducing parking charges

However, the potential of decriminalised parking enforcement (DPE) - which could bring back traffic wardens - is still being considered.

It would allow tickets to be issued to those breaking waiting time restrictions or parking illegally.

The council's communities committee is being asked to decide whether or not to apply for the powers needed to bring back wardens.

There have previously been concerns that such a service would be a loss-making one for the local authority.

The latest report on the subject favours the eventual deployment of six dedicated wardens across the region and has concluded it could be self-sustaining.

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