Traffic controllers earning as much as $180,000 a year

Standing in the sweltering heat for hours on end tediously turning a stick every few minutes is some people's worst nightmare for a job.

But when the annual salary can go well beyond the six figure mark, being on your feet all day appears to be a small price to pay for thousands of traffic controllers raking in a small fortune.

And that's exactly what 30-year-old Amy Dowsett appears to be doing, turning over an impressive $130,000 for a year's work.

“When I tell other people how much I earn, they say: ‘Where do I sign up’?” she told News Corp.

Amy Dowsett is earning a six figure salary in her line of work. Source: Facebook/ Amy Dowsett

Aside from the obvious financial draw of the job, Ms Dowsett, from Thirlmere, says the work involved isn't as bad as people make out.

“I’ve got friends who are now in and loving it. You don’t get bored because there is always something going on," she said.

Not only does she earn a base rate of $42.25 an hour but she benefits from meal and site allowances that can add up to $60 on her paycheck for a 10-hour shift. If she works beyond those hours she then begins to earn double time.

Remarkably Ms Dowsett's pay packet is nowhere near the top when it comes to the best paid.

People are earning up to $180,000 in the profession. Source: AAP

Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) NSW state secretary Brian Parker revealed some traffic controllers are on $180,000 per year.

He defended the decision to pay them such high wages due to the conditions of the job.

“They stand outside all day in all sorts of weather and they cop abuse from the public," he said.

He confirmed CFMEU traffic controllers are set to benefit from a further 3.5 per cent pay rise in the new year.

Sydney's building boom appears to be the reason behind the huge demand for traffic controllers with many backpackers who are often available to work immediately cashing in on the opportunity.

“It is absolutely ridiculous how much work is out there for traffic controllers,” Sydney Traffic Control director Darren Lindsay.