Tradies win lotto after playing same numbers for years

Six Perth tradies have won $87,000 each after playing the same Lotto numbers for years.

The Joondalup tradies’ syndicate won the division one prize on the weekend with a set of numbers they had been using every week for five years straight.

The total Saturday Lotto prize last weekend was $503,668.

“Every week we each put in $10 and reinvest small prizes into the big draws,” one member of the syndicate said.

Six Perth tradies have won $87,000 each using numbers they’ve played with for five years. Source: AAP

They’d won prizes on the lower division over the years, but said they felt a big win was on the way.

“We knew we were close. You gotta dream, don’t you? And have a positive attitude,” one member added.

The members, who have not been named,  said the news of the win had travelled around the group quickly.

“I was discussing travel plans with my partner when one of the guys rang with the news,” said one member.

“We started shouting and all convened that evening for a celebration that went into the night.”

The tradies said they would use their wins to help out their kids and go on holiday.

Another member, who is retired, said the windfall would ease the financial pressure.

“Retired life should be easygoing and this will certainly help with that,” he said.

And their secret to choosing the right numbers? There was no secret.

“They’re based on some of our favourite digits,” one member said simply.

The winning ticket was sold at the Heathridge Newsagency.