Tradie's warning after incredibly close call on the job: 'Almost died'

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A tradie has shared a shocking video showing how he almost lost an eye while on the tools.

The Aussie man was using a grinder, a common tool for cutting or sanding, when part of it seemingly broke off and flew towards his face at high speed.

In the Tiktok video he showed the shard was lodged in his safety goggles, and if not for them it could've sliced into his left eye.

"I guess that’s why you wear safety glasses," the man said in his TikTok video, which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

A man shows a piece of a grinder lodged in his safety glasses that could've led to a workplace injury if not for his safety gear. Source: TikTok / bradmorrison94
A tradie has shared on TikTok a near miss where he would have lost an eye if not for his safety glasses. Source: TikTok/bradmorrison94

Many people in the comments expressed their shock with one person saying their "jaw dropped" when watching the video, and another jokingly saying that this was "an eye opening experience."

Like the man himself who said he "almost died", people couldn't believe his luck, and said he should "go buy a lottery ticket."

The video also proved to be educational, with a fellow tradie taking it as a warning.

"Never taking off my glasses in construction again," he said.

Some debated whether the footage was actually real, suggesting the man melted the glasses, however one person questioned whether it was really worth the risk.

"Real or not this could happen. Wear safety glasses, you don't want that 1 in a million chance to happen," they said.

Tradies most prone to workplace accidents in Australia

According to research findings in Australia, tradies who are working in construction sites are most prone to accidents, injuries and other such mishaps, making up 60 per cent of serious injury claims.

The most common reasons are carrying, lifting or pulling objects and other contributory factors include trips, slips and falls. These could be from the same level or it could be from a height.

Just like what the TikTok suggests, tradies often get injured when they get hit by objects, whether it be falling objects or moving objects.

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