Tradie takes revenge over allegedly unpaid work: 'It all comes off'

A Melbourne builder and a roof tiler were filmed in a heated clash after the tiler took action over an allegedly unpaid bill.

A Melbourne tradesman has taken revenge on a builder he claims didn’t pay him.

It’s been almost a year since Simon McPherson, a tiler from Melbourne, wrapped up his work on a still uncompleted property in Hadfield, A Current Affair reported.

He says he invoiced the builder $6,700 in May but claims he's still only received the deposit.

Simon McPherson's hand on a tile on the roof (left) and Mr Padoin outside the property.
Simon McPherson filmed himself tearing the tiles he laid off the Hadfield property in Melbourne in the ultimate revenge. Source: A Current Affair

Video footage shows the roofing contractor taking matters into his own hands as he films himself ripping up his own work on the Hadfield roof.

In the clip from Wednesday, Mr McPherson can be seen on top of the house as the builder arrives holding a sledgehammer.

“Come down or I’ll smash your head,” the furious builder yells. “Get off the f****** roof.”

“I’ll get off the roof when I rip it up mate, when it’s off, shut up mate,” the out-of-pocket tiler replies as he throws the tiles to the ground.

The video later shows the two men shoving each other outside the property. As they move towards the house, they are forced to step over the debris of the broken tiles, before it appears the builder pushes a ladder towards Mr McPherson. Police were then called before both men, eventually, left the building site.

Builder still refuses to pay after ‘spiteful act’

After allegedly waiting several months for be paid, Mr McPherson says all he got were excuses.

Mr McPherson and Mr Padoin pushing each other (left) and the Padfeld home (right).
The tiler (right) and builder were later filmed shoving each other outside the Hadfield home. Source: A Current Affair

“It happens a lot in this industry and there’s no one that’s going to do anything about it,” he told A Current Affair. “I even told him a few times that it [the tiles] was gonna come off.”

But since making good on his threat, the builder, who admits they were both getting “a bit aggressive,” appears more unlikely than ever to hand over the cash.

Speaking to A Current Affair, he said it was a “spiteful act, [and] now he’s [Mr McPherson] got no money.”

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