Trad fight delayed by another CCC case

The next step in the former Queensland deputy premier's fight to have a Crime and Corruption Commission report suppressed will hinge on another matter involving the watchdog.

Jackie Trad has launched legal action to stop the CCC releasing a report into allegations she intervened in the recruitment of a senior public servant three years ago.

The CCC launched the probe after Ms Trad was accused of overruling an independent selection panel to ensure her own pick, Frankie Carroll, was installed as under-treasurer in 2019.

Taxpayers are footing the legal bills of both Ms Trad, due to indemnity rules, and the watchdog.

However, it will be delayed until the outcome of a similar matter is known after the CCC took its fight against being gagged to the High Court.

The CCC will appear in a December 15 High Court hearing after lodging an application seeking leave to appeal in a matter involving the state's former public trustee Peter Carne.

The CCC wants the High Court to overturn a decision that suppresses the watchdog's report on allegations of corrupt conduct involving Mr Carne.

CCC chair Bruce Barbour said in August Mr Carne's matter set a concerning precedent for transparency.

At a Brisbane Supreme Court hearing on Wednesday, defence barrister Saul Holt asked that Ms Trad's matter be reviewed again after December 15.

CCC senior counsel Peter Dunning agreed.

"We think this should be reviewed once the position in relation to the special leave disposition is known," Mr Dunning said at the open court review.

Mr Carne had also taken the watchdog to the Supreme Court, arguing that their report's publication would breach his human rights and deny him procedural fairness.

He lost the case in September 2021 but later appealed.

The Queensland Court of Appeal ruled in Mr Carne's favour in August.

Justice Martin Burns on Wednesday said Ms Trad's matter would be reviewed by the end of the year after the December 15 appeal hearing.

"There won't be much time but we will fit it in," Justice Burns said.