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Tourist's surprising find in Airbnb: 'Going above and beyond'

An Airbnb guest had an unexpected visitor waiting in their room when they arrived for their stay.

"My friend went to Wales and checked into her Airbnb and look who was waiting for her…." Comedian Wendy Wason wrote on Twitter last week.

She shared a photo of a sheep standing on one of the two beds which were both neatly made and had towels at the end. The sheep is staring directly into the camera lens.

A sheep greeted an Airbnb guest in Wales and social media was delighted. Source: Twitter/@Wendy_Wason
A sheep greeted an Airbnb guest in Wales and social media was delighted. Source: Twitter/@Wendy_Wason

We don't know what happened to the sheep or Ms Wason's friend, however, Twitter had a field day with the picture.

People couldn't decide if the sheep was a self-assembly blanket or, more morbidly, Sunday's roast.

"That’s nice, last time I stayed in an Air BnB they left bacon, eggs, milk and orange juice in the fridge. Which I was quite impressed with," someone said in response to the photo.

"Leaving dinner is going above and beyond."

"Makes a change from a chocolate on your pillow," someone else said.

People want to book Airbnb with sheep

One person claimed the photo was the "most Welsh thing" they had ever seen.

"Come to Wales, we take counting sheep to fall asleep literally, and offer 100% pure local woollen blankets with every bed," someone else said.

Someone else said they needed to know what Airbnb they needed to book to get the bonus sheep.

"I need the link to this Airbnb immediately. Absolutely willing and eager to stay in any accommodations that offer on-premises sheep!" they said.

In terms of strange things happening at Airbnb properties, a sheep showing up unannounced and standing on a bed is not overly offensive, just comical.

There have been some genuinely unpleasant surprises Airbnb guests have stumbled upon in the past.

Earlier this year, Airbnb guests got quite the fright when they thought the linen in their room was bugged after they found a small chip sewn into the pillowslip.

However, others on Reddit claimed the chip is a method commercial linen services sometimes use to track them and charge companies.

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