Tourist's dangerous mistake before falling down 60m waterfall

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A Dutch tourist who slipped and fell 60 metres down the face of a waterfall in Thailand ignored the fact that the popular scenic spot was closed and decided to make the trek anyway.

Cornelia Pieternella, 52, slipped on wet rocks while hiking through the dense woodland in Phang Nga province on August 29.

The holidaymaker landed on the rocky portion of Phrao waterfalls and was unable to move after suffering a broken hip and leg bone.

Despite her serious injuries, rescuers managed to carry her out of the remote tropical jungle using a makeshift zip line and stretcher.

Phang Nga Tourist Guides Association president Pisit Sengking the group were trying to explore somewhere new – but the waterfall wasn't open to the public.

Dutch tourist Cornelia Pieternella, 52, is rescued after she miraculously survived plunging down a 200ft high waterfall in Phang Nga province, Thailand.
The 52-year-old tourist had to be repelled to safety. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

"Since the waterfall was not open for visitors officially, the journey to the scene became difficult due to rough terrain.

"The tourist group wanted to explore a new tourist destination but one of them suddenly slipped and fell 60 metres down the steep face of the waterfall."

The injured woman laid still on the rocks on the third peak of the Phrao waterfall while waiting for help.

Upon arrival, paramedics examined Ms Pieternella and found that the bone from her right hip to the lower leg was broken, leaving her unable to walk.

The medical team struggled to carry her body down the waterfall as the area was steep and slippery.

After a thorough assessment, the team finally decided to move the injured woman using the cableway method.

Khao Lak Medical Center staff injected Ms Pieternella with painkillers and saline solution before transporting her across the waterfall with a zip line that the rescuers built.

They tied a rope on a big tree before putting the injured woman on the stretcher and rappelled her down.

After two hours, Ms Pieternella was successfully moved to solid ground and was then delivered to the hospital for treatment.

Rescue volunteer Apisak Phasee said the mission was difficult and the weather was taking a turn for the worse.

"Transporting the tourist's body down was not simple. It looked like it was going to rain so we were also competing with the weather.

"There were many people involved with the rescue. Thankfully it was a success and the tourist is now safe."

Dozens of people are injured of killed every year when they slip on Thailand's notoriously dangerous waterfalls.

In July 2017, Eastenders star Paul Nicholls spent two nights stranded on a waterfall in Koh Samui before being rescued and taken to hospital, where he stayed for several weeks.

While in May this year, Romanian holidaymaker Nane-Iosana Bodea, 23, slipped and plunged to her death while taking a selfie at the top of a waterfall on Koh Samui.

- Australscope

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