Tourists fined $1200 for illegal act at famous tourist spot

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Two American tourists copped a $1200 fine for breaking into one of Europe's most iconic tourist attractions and having a beer after it was closed.

The tourists were aged 24 and 25, The Guardian reported, and they climbed to the second tier of the Colosseum in Rome early on Monday morning (local time).

The two were reportedly having a beer and chatting while the historic amphitheatre was closed to the public.

The Colosseum in Rome.
Two American tourists were caught sneaking into the Colosseum after hours to have a drink. Source: AAP

To get in, the Americans climbed over the high railings and walked to the second level before settling at a spot which overlooked the city, CNN reported.

However, their boozy start to the morning was disrupted when they were spotted about 5.30am by a member of the public and the police were notified.

The tourists have not been identified, but they were fined by police for illegally entering the Colosseum.

Together, they were fined 800 Euros, or AU$1245, according to the BBC.

This isn't the first time tourists have caused trouble at the Colosseum.

Back in 2015, two women from California snuck away from their tour group and etched their initials into the structure, which is obviously prohibited.

Back in June this year, more than 40 people were facing thousands in fines for stealing sand from beaches in Sardinia.

A law introduced in 2017 made it illegal to steal sand and shells from the beaches, and 41 people collectively stole about 100kg of sand in separate incidents.

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