Touching story behind photo of 'heartbroken' little boy

If you ever experienced the sheer joy of a trip to your local fire station as a child, spare a thought for this devastated youngster.

Little Jozeph could not wait to get inside the Morpeth fire station in NSW’s Hunter region, while on a day-out with his grandfather earlier this month.

Described by his mum as being obsessed with fire trucks, you can only imagine his heartbreak when he was greeted by a closed roller door and an empty fire station.

Knowing full-well that words would not capture his sadness, Jozeph’s grandfather snapped a picture summing up the situation perfectly.

NSW boy Jozeph, from Wallalong, was devastated after finding the roller door closed at his local fire station. Source: Fire and Rescue NSW

This is Jozeph from Wallalong NSW. Jozeph was heartbroken when his visit to Fire and Rescue NSW Station 382 Morpeth was met with a closed door,” Fire and Rescue NSW wrote on their Facebook page when they shared the grandfather’s photo.

In the image, Jozeph’s little head is pressed against the roller door as he stares down at his feet in a look of utter despair.

Fortunately for him, the photo worked a treat.

Not only did the station in Morpeth reach out to plan a special tour for Jozeph, other firefighters began offering tours of different facilities.

“Bring him to 260 Newcastle/Hazmat on Friday if you can,” one man commented on the post from Fire and Rescue NSW.

“We’d be happy to show him around.”

His mother said Jozeph’s cousin, who is a firefighter with the nearby Wallalong station, had already brought him Rural Fire Service pants and a top.

The search is now for a helmet to complete the outfit.

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