Touching note from SA fire crew who saved family home

A South Australian family were left "stunned" when firefighters left a touching note for them after they saved their house from a fire.

Asha Crozier and her husband Charlie were almost three hours away when their neighbours called telling them their was smoke billowing from their property in Sherwood, 220km southeast of Adelaide.

"It wasn't a huge surprise to us because in our part of the world, fire, smoke, it's all pretty common," Mrs Crozier told Yahoo7.

"But it was a big concern to us this time given the weather conditions - high winds, really hot so there was a high concern to us as to what would happen."

The family home is safe. Source: Supplied / Asha Crozier
The CFS left the couple a note. Source: Supplied / Asha Crozier

When the couple returned home to see what damage was done to their property, they didn't think they would fine a note left for them by the Country Fire Service.

On it, a firefighter had written: "Sorry for the carpet marks. Kongal CFS members entered house with captain's permission. We are confident we saved this house. Thanks."

Ms Crozier said she couldn't believe they would be concerned about that when "they had a lot more to think about".

A downpipe melted at the property. Source: Supplied / Asha Crozier

"We were amazed about their consideration for us," she said.

"They were already putting themselves in challenging situations for other people and their homes but then they take the time to leave that very moving note.

"We were stunned that they would consider the marks in such a time when so many other things are going on - it's just amazing."

Mrs Crozier said she can't thank the CFS enough for what they do.

"It's huge what they do for the community and it's amazing to see the community come together in a time of need like this," she said.

The family are grateful their house was saved. Source: Supplied / Asha Crozier

Mrs Crozier and her family are grateful their house is safe and said it's definitely the closest a fire has come to the beloved property.

Photos of the property show just how close the fire got to their home, within metres. One photo shows a melted down pipe.

The fire did however destroy about 80 per cent of the family's surrounding land and 20 kilometres of fencing, five kilometres of water infrastructure and 650 sheep will need to be replaced.

The Sherwood bushfire in South Australia's southeast burnt through about 12,000 hectares of farmland with an estimated $2 million loss in damages, according to SBS News.