'Thought my heart would burst': Healthcare worker mum reunites with her daughters

The heartwarming moment a healthcare worker and mother reunited with her daughters after she made the tough decision to seperate from them for nine weeks so she could work during the coronavirus pandemic has been captured on camera.

Suzie Vaughan, 43, usually assists surgeons at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Norfolk but was assigned to a COVID-19 ward, so in order to protect her daughters, Bella, 9 and Hettie, 7 she separated from them while she was working with infected patients.

“It was a hard decision to make, I just had to think to myself it was to keep them safe and I was so worried in case I was bringing something back,” Ms Vaughan told ITV.

Suzie Vaughan (centre) hadn't seen her daughters in 9 weeks so she could work with coronavirus patients. Source: Charlotte Savage

At first Ms Vaughan said she thought she would only be away from her family for a month but two months on as the pandemic continued, her two daughters were still staying with Ms Vaughan’s sister Charlotte Savage.

In the video posted by Ms Savage, Bella and Hettie can be seen sitting on an outdoor lounge while their mum sneaks up behind them.

“Just in case you missed it. Here’s the girls being reunited with mummy after 9 weeks of being away so she could help save lives. Please feel free to share,” Ms Savage captioned the video on Twitter.

As the young girls realised their mother was behind them they jump into her arms and begin to cry.

"It was an amazing feeling, it's so hard to describe. I thought my heart was going to burst. It was brilliant," Ms Vaughan told BBC.

The video has since been viewed almost seven million times on Twitter with thousands of people reacting to the heartwarming video.

“Love this darling. Emotional and beautiful. You did a wonderful thing and they are lucky to have you,” one person responded.

“I have the absolute pleasure of working with the fabulous Suzie Vaughan and the amount of tears in the break room as we saw this video was immense,” a co-worker wrote.

“The ultimate sacrifice to make not seeing your children during these times,” one person commented.

'The ultimate sacrifice to make not seeing your children during these times'. Source: Charlotte Savage

Ms Savage said that during her time with her nieces a counsellor called once a week so the girls could talk about anything that troubled them, but they have now gone back home with their mum to spend time with each other before the school term starts again.

Ms Vaughan is still working in hospital but now feels safer to be with her children as the pandemic eases.

“We still have patients coming in but it’s not as bad as it was, and now I am fully donned with PPE when treating a COVID-19 patient,” she told ITV.

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