'One fella broke down': Truckie's touching memorial for Canada highway murder victims

A Canadian truck driver has started a roadside tribute to remember the young couple that was murdered on an isolated stretch of the Alaska Highway in Canada in July.

Truck driver Ed Grennan regularly drives his truck along the highway known as ‘The Highway of Tears’, passing the location where the bodies of Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese were discovered.

When Mr Grennan passed the scene for the first time after the murders he said the Canadian Police were still on the scene.

Australian man Lucas Fowler (right) and his girlfriend, American Chynna Deese (left) were found dead on the Alaska Highway in the northern part of British Columbia. Source: NSW Police

After the investigation, Mr Grennan said all that was left behind was red spray paint on the highway and it bothered him every time he drove that stretch of highway.

He said something needed to be done to remember the young couple.

"I thought, 'What can we do? Any little thing helps right?'" he told CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster.

Mr Grennan decided to create a memorial where the couple was found on the side of the road, so he placed an Australian flag to remember Mr Fowler, an American flag representing Ms Deese, and a floral cross.

When the bodies of Mr Fowler, 23, and his girlfriend Ms Deese, 24, were discovered it sparked a nationwide manhunt for Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky.

Trucker Ed Grennan placed an Australian flag to remember Mr Fowler, an American flag for Ms Deese, and a floral cross to create a memorial "from all truckers," Source: Ed Grennan

Canadian police said they were suspects in the couple's death and in the death of Leonard Dyck, a botanist killed in northern British Columbia.

On Monday, police confirmed two bodies found in northern Manitoba were of suspects McLeod and Schmegelsky.

Mr Grennan told CBC that he has an understanding of what the Fowler and Deese family must be going through.

"I lost a kid myself and I know. Everybody says they know, but I know," said Mr Grennan.

"The family must be going through torture right now ... A lot of families are hurting," he added.

The Alaska Highway in northern British Columbia where Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese were found murdered. Source: Google Maps

Mr Grennan described the memorial as being from all truckers who drive the Alaska Highway and have to pass the tragic spot.

“One fella told me yesterday that when he went by and saw the [memorial], he broke down ... and cried," Mr Grennan said.

Now when Mr Grennan drives by that grim location, he feels like the couple won't be forgotten.

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