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'Totally avoidable': Roundabout crash leaves viewers asking why

A crash in Newcastle’s west has caused some debate after two cars collided on a roundabout.

Video uploaded to Facebook by Dash Cam Owners Australia shows the crash at the Wallsend roundabout off Newcastle Road on Monday about 7.45am.

A white hatchback and another car crash on a roundabout at Wallsend in NSW.
The two cars crash at a roundabout in Wallsend, Newcastle. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

The dashcam driver enters the roundabout and heads for the second exit which is directly ahead.

But as they move forward a white car enters from the left and the two cars collide.

The dashcam owner blamed the collision on the white hatchback arguing they entered the roundabout at the “wrong time”.

Under Australian road rules, drivers have to give way to vehicles already using the roundabout before they enter contrary to the common belief they have to give way to the right.

So, in this case the white car is somewhat at fault.

But that doesn’t mean people on Facebook were prepared to let the dashcam driver completely off the hook for this one.

“Didn’t that model come with brakes?” one man wrote.

“DC driver should give it up, totally avoidable,” said another.

One man suggested both drivers in the filmed prang were “twats” while a woman added her dog “could have avoided this crash”.

“Another two idiots who can’t drive,” another man wrote.

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