Torrential rains trigger deadly landslides in Ecuador

At least six people have been killed in landslides in the central Ecuadorean city of Baños.

Several homes were buried underneath tonnes of mud which careered down a hillside following days of torrential rain.

More than a dozen people were injured and a main road was cut off.

A state of emergency has been declared in Baños.

Some 30 people who had been reported missing after the landslide have been found alive, officials said.

Heavy machinery has been sent to the area to clear roads which have been blocked by rocks and mud.

Local media reported that of the six people confirmed to have died, five were members of the same family.

Residents of Baños have been urged to stock up on bottled water as risk management officials warned that the supply of tap water could be affected by the severe rains.

The city's mayor also asked locals to stay at home in order to minimise traffic on affected roads.

Schools will remain closed on Monday in Baños and classes will be held online.

A shelter has been opened for those whose homes have been damaged.

Meteorologists said the heavy rains were caused by an area of low pressure which moved over Ecuador on Sunday.

The heavy rains come just months after the South American country experienced a drought.

The area of low pressure has since moved north.

El Salvador, in Central America, has warned of possible flooding and landslides.