'Tories crushed' as rebels 'end plot to oust Sunak'

The headline on the front page of the Guardian reads: "Tories crushed by 'worst election results' in years
The main headline on the front page of the FT Weekend reads: "Tory trouncing leaves Sunak with battle to avert general election rout"
The Financial Times says it is a "trouncing" for the Tories, leaving Prime Minister Rishi Sunak struggling to avert a general election rout. In its weekend edition, the paper features a photo of a jubilant Sir Keir Starmer with deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner and new MP Chris Webb - who won the Blackpool South by-election. [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the Daily Express reads: "Rebels kill plot to oust Rishi...for now"
The headline on the front page of the Daily Mail reads: "Rishi plotters 'give up and go to the pub'"
Similarly, the Daily Mail says rebels have called time on their plans to topple Mr Sunak's leadership of the Tories. One such rebel is quoted as saying to the paper "We're off to the pub". [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the Times reads: "Victory for Tory mayor helps Sunak cling on"
The Times says the election of Ben Houchen as Tees Valley Mayor, even with a lower majority than 2021, has helped Mr Sunak cling on to power. [BBC]
The main headline on the front page of the Daily Telegraph reads: "Sunak: We have everything to fight for"
The headline on the front page of the i weekend paper reads: "Kevin Spacey accused by young actor - as he faces new allegations"
The headline on the front page of the Daily Mirror reads: "Harry to visit King"
The Daily Mirror is reporting that the Duke of Sussex is to visit his father next week as the King continues his treatment for cancer. Prince Harry flies from the US on Tuesday for three days to mark his Invictus Games' 14th anniversary, the paper says. [BBC]
The headline on the front page of the Daily Star reads: "Smithy and Ness to wed"
And in what appears to be a direct plea to Gavin and Stacey writers James Corden and Ruth Jones, the Daily Star is leading calls from fans for their characters, Smithy and Nessa, to get married in the upcoming Christmas Day special. Corden and Jones announced they had finished writing the final episode of the hit show on Friday. [BBC]

Almost all of the papers say the Conservatives are facing the worst local election results in 40 years. The Guardian says the party has been "crushed", prompting one former minister to declare that "there was no such thing, really, as a safe Tory seat any more".

On their front pages the Times, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Express all report that Tory rebels have given up on a plan to use losses in the local elections to try to remove Rishi Sunak.

After the Conservative, Ben Houchen was re-elected mayor of Tees Valley, the plotters no longer believe they can get 52 letters of no confidence needed to trigger a vote on the prime minister's future. The Mail and the Express say one of the rebels admitted the plan was finished and said the group were "off to the pub".

There's a variety of views in the editorials. The Mail says the Conservatives expected a thumping and they certainly got one. The paper says Tory MPs have no one else to blame but themselves because they've been obsessed with factionalism and conspiracy, instead of buckling down and rewarding the public's faith. But the Mail says there is a glimmer of hope for Mr Sunak, because Labour's performance was not as overwhelming as Sir Keir Starmer had hoped.

The Daily Mirror believes voters have "read the last rites for a discredited and decrepit Tory Party" and "the only service the Conservatives can now do for the public is to pack their threadbare belongings and leave the building." The paper says every day Mr Sunak stays in Downing Street is another day he denies this country the future it craves and needs.

"A Starmer government is not inevitable" is the headline above the Daily Telegraph's editorial. The paper says Labour has underperformed in some of the most important races and it's been deserted by some Muslim voters. It says if John Swinney pulls the SNP out of a downwards spiral in Scotland he may deny Labour vital seats in its pursuit of a majority.

According to the Times, the Tories may have avoided a wipeout - but not by much. The paper says the outlook for the party ahead of a general election appears more dire than ever. But it warns that it would be farcical to either attempt to remove Mr Sunak or to seek to win Reform voters by moving to harder line positions on such issues as immigration and the culture wars.

The Express says Rishi Sunak will need to demonstrate true fighting spirit to stop the era of Conservative government coming to a crashing end. The paper says the prime minister works phenomenally hard, but he must convince the country he is laying the foundations for future prosperity.

Away from the local elections, the Sun and the Mirror report that Prince Harry is expected to meet the King next week. The Sun says the prince will be in London at an Invictus games ceremony and is understood to very keen to see his father.