Tories condemn ‘central belt-focused’ SNP with manifesto for north-east Scotland

The Scottish Conservatives are to launch their manifesto for the north east of Scotland as one candidate hit out at the “central belt-focused SNP Government”.

The Tories have put oil and gas and protecting jobs in the north east propped up by the sector at the heart of their campaign, and will also commit to upgrading the A90 and A96 roads, protecting farming and fishing, and the full rollout of fibre broadband by 2027.

The document will also commit to increasing funding for councils and cutting taxes.

The north east has been a strong area for the Tories in recent years, and the party held three seats in the area following the 2019 election.

Speaking ahead of the manifesto launch on Friday, West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine candidate Andrew Bowie said: “This manifesto outlines key policies that would revitalise the north east, which has been betrayed by this central belt-focused SNP Government.

“The SNP have turned their backs on tens of thousands of skilled workers in the region by opposing new North Sea oil and gas licences.

“In contrast, the Scottish Conservatives are the only party to recognise the crucial role oil and gas will play for decades to come as part of a just transition.

“We are pledging to dual the A96 between Aberdeen and Inverness and upgrade the A90, after years of SNP failure.

“The SNP have hit the local economy by making Scotland the highest taxed part of the UK, failing to pass on rates relief to businesses, cutting farming and fishing budgets, and botching the R100 broadband rollout.

“The Scottish Conservatives have outlined plans to right all of these SNP wrongs.

“In seats across the region, it’s a straight fight between the Scottish Conservatives and an independence-obsessed SNP which has no interest in, or understanding of, the north east.

“Voters who are sick and tired of their priorities being ignored by the SNP must unite behind the Scottish Conservatives on July 4 to ensure the north east elects MPs who will champion the area, rather than the break-up of the UK.”