Topless sunbather arrested after confrontation with concerned mum

A topless sunbather has been arrested after having a confrontation with a concerned mum.

Anna Lee Halderman, 28, was sunbathing on Compo Beach in the US state of Connecticut on July 15 about 1.28pm when she was confronted by a mum with her child in tow, Westport Police said.

The woman believed Ms Halderman’s behaviour was “inappropriate” for a public beach and spoke to her about bathing topless, police said.

The pair had an argument and it’s alleged Ms Halderman “became belligerent” and took the bottom part of her bathing suit off “exposing her buttocks”.

Anna Lee Halderman had an argument with a mum about sunbathing topless which led to an argument, police said. Source: Westport Police/ Getty Images (file pic)

The woman told police she had a child with her at the time who witnessed the incident.

It’s alleged Ms Halderman was also under the influence of alcohol.

“In a subsequent interview with Halderman she stated that she did not recall what she may have done on the date in question but apologised for her behaviour,” police said.

She turned herself in on Saturday and was charged with breach of peace and risk of injury to a minor.

Ms Halderman will face court on Friday.

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