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Amazon just dropped the price on these top-rated KitchenAid kitchen shears — they're only $7!

Amazon just dropped the price on these top-rated KitchenAid kitchen shears — they're only $7!

There is no shortage of totally weird and probably unnecessary kitchen products available on the internet these days. But these KitchenAid kitchen shears? An absolute must-have! And for a limited time only, they're on sale for less than $10 on Amazon, which basically never happens.

Now, if you don't already own kitchen shears, chances are you're wondering why on earth you need them. But let me tell you, they are a game-changer. Things that are hard to cut with even a super sharp knife are so much easier when you have kitchen shears handy. Just this week, I've used my KitchenAid kitchen shears to cut up raw chicken breast to use for a rice bowl and also to snip florets of broccoli from the large head.

One of my favorite ways to use kitchen shears? To "chop" lettuce so that I can recreate those fancy salad-store salads right at home. I'm telling you, kitchen shears are a total game-changer.

These KitchenAid kitchen shears currently have thousands ratings on Amazon. Given this impressive stat, it's not an exaggeration to say that shoppers really, really love these kitchen shears.

In the reviews, customers rave about how these kitchen shears are "high quality," "super sharp" and "easy to use." There are even a lot of reviews where shoppers say they "highly recommend" these kitchen shears.

If you think you don't need kitchen shears, you're wrong. You definitely do, and once you have a pair of these KitchenAid kitchen shears, you'll find yourself using them way more than you ever thought you would. This is definitely $9 that will be very well spent.

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