‘Top Chef’ fans conflicted over controversial winner who was fired for inappropriate behavior

On Thursday’s season finale of Top Chef, Gabe Erales beat out former olympian Dawn Burrell and big-time fan favorite Shota Nakajima, on his way to making history as the first Mexican contestant to earn the title of Top Chef.

“One of the biggest things that has really warmed my heart is knowing that I am the first Mexican Top Chef,” Erales said. “I'm happy to be representing my culture, my cooking, and also a group of people that, really, operate the kitchens across the U.S.”

But not everyone is celebrating his win, after news made the rounds on social media recently about his firing from Austin-based restaurant Comedor back in December. The restuauran’t co-owner, Philip Speer, said vai email to media outlets that the firing was, “Due to repeated violation of our policies and for behavior in conflict with our values.”

And while no charges have been filed against Erales, viewers on Twitter want to know more, with comments like, “Curious why it hasn’t been a bigger deal that Top Chef winner Gabe Erales was fired from his previous gig… Wish we knew more details bc the rumors aren’t great.”

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