Top 5 relationship deal breakers for women

Kristine Tarbert
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While relationships end for various reasons, there are five common reasons that often see women decide to end their relationship, according to a sexologist.

And while they are pretty relatable, it seems many women are hesitant to speak up about them early on in the piece, even though this could see the issue be avoided down the track.

Sexologist and relationship expert Nikki Goldstein says many women feel awkward discussing some of their deal breakers because they don’t want to come across as being ‘too fussy’.

We all have this fantasy that love will prevail over everything and especially in the early days, we think love can conquer all,” Nikki tells Be.

Love can’t always conquer all. Photo: Getty

“But love isn’t always enough and when it comes to really considering a future with someone, there are things that might just get in the way.”

According to Nikki, these are the top five deal breakers for women.

“If one person is continually telling fibs and tales to the other, eventually distrust will be develop,” Nikki tells us. “Many people feel they cannot have a relationship where there isn’t trust.”

A difference in values and morals
“Being different in terms of habits and likes can be a welcome thing in relationships as it introduces a point of difference and excitement,” Nikki, who has been working with Prolong, says.

But the difference in morals and values, which are often instilled in us from birth, can definitely end up being the deal breakers.

Women end relationships for many reasons. Photo: Getty

Issues in the bedroom
This one is no surprise, although according to a recent global survey into sexual attitudes by Prolong, a majority of women will sacrifice sex for love, or relationship satisfaction.

But as much as many women don’t want to admit it, sometimes if sexual issues aren’t addressed and continue for a long time, they will break things off, Nikki says.

“In fact, 1 in 4 women surveyed by Prolong considered ending the relationship because their partner wasn’t lasting long enough in the bedroom,” she reveals.

“Issues like this are compounded if the partner refuses to talk about it. The sad thing about this is that many bedroom issues can be resolved and addressed but many are too embarrassed to talk about it.”

Issues in the bedroom are a big reason for breakups. Photo: Getty

Unresolvable conflict
Nikki says conflict is healthy in a relationship and you need to have disagreements in order to grow as a couple.

“But it’s when you have continual arguments that cannot be resolved that things become problematic,” she says.

A difference in major life milestones
“What happens if one partner believes in marriage and the other doesn’t? What if one wants children and the other doesn’t? When there is a difference in these major milestones, sometimes nothing can resolve them,” Nikki says.

Discuss your deal breakers early on. Photo: Getty

Nikki says honestly from the start is the best approach to avoiding these issues.

There is never a right or wrong way but you need to start. If you feel awkward or embarrassed though, be honest about that too,” she tells us.

“Flag the emotions that you are feeling so the other person might understand better where your head space is at. When it comes to issues around sex, there are also ways to address issues like not lasting enough, and these can be the thing that brings you closer together.”

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