The Top 10 Pinterest Coaches and Strategists to Follow

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Top 10 Pinterest Experts
Top 10 Pinterest Experts
Top 10 Pinterest Experts

New York City, New York, Oct. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world of marketing and driving traffic to your business is always evolving, despite the fundamentals remaining mostly the same. With new trends constantly emerging, in recent years we’ve seen the rise of Pinterest as a marketing tool for businesses. Pinterest allows you to discover what your audience loves, drive tons of traffic and convert more browsers into buyers. For most of us who use Pinterest however, we have no real idea or strategy of exactly how to use it optimally. According to Boost Media Agency, the need for a Pinterest expert to help you drive traffic and increase sales using Pinterest is essential. Here we present the Top 10 Pinterest Coaches who are making a difference with their work, and can take your business to a whole new level.

Willow Kaii (@willowkaii)

A Pinterest Coach & Brand Consultant who’s worked with nearly 100 ambitious, young entrepreneurs from all over the world, Willow Kaii is an expert when it comes to taking your Pinterest from 0-100, fast. Also an emerging star on TikTok, after Willow left the Los Angeles Marketing Agency world, he pivoted his energy into helping service-based entrepreneurs and direct-to-consumer brands harness the immense abilities of Pinterest to create a blizzard of organic and aligned traffic for them.

He’s been consulting with billion-dollar brands in the wellness, marketing and fashion industries, and helps young and ambitious entrepreneurs follow his path to success by coaching them on how to use attraction marketing on Instagram, and how to provide a proven ROI for their clients using Pinterest. “I do not run a single ad for my business or my clients. We solely rely on the abilities of aligned, organic traffic and the immense capabilities of social media. My approach is direct, and positions all of my clients as the perfect “solution” to someone’s problem. I call it ‘solution-based marketing’, Willow explains”. Bringing in $300k profit in his first year of business and achieving incredible client results including a $28k Pinterest launch, Willow has the knowledge and breadth of experience to grow your brand exponentially.

Shruti Pangtey (@shrutipangtey)

A passionate lifestyle blogger turned digital entrepreneur, Shruti Pangtey left her former life and career in India working in a leadership role at a fortune 500 company, to start a fresh life in Germany. Discovering her passion for blogging, social media and online marketing, she realised that there was a huge gap in the market when it comes to business owners and brands leveraging Pinterest as a marketing tool. She had a vision to change that through online education. So, she created Digital Empires, helping content creators and small business owners grow their audience, leads and sales using Pinterest.

Her signature program Pinfluencer Collective, is a marketing membership designed to keep business owners at their A-game when it comes to Pinterest. The success framework she teaches inside Pinfluencer Collective is based on profitably scaling multiple blogs herself, as well working with 1:1 client’s before converting her knowledge into a training program. Providing her members with video classes, design templates and content action plans to ensure marketing momentum every month – your needs will be covered from A-Z inside Pinfluencer Collective. For all things Pinterest marketing, whether it be SEO, design methods, traffic strategies, list-building and sales tactics, Shruti Pangtey is your girl.

Miranda Meyers (@wildrootmarketing)

Miranda Meyers is the founder of a marketing agency for creatives, Wildroot Marketing. Together with her husband Joshua, they started Wildroot Marketing in January 2020, as a side hustle until the business flourished and hit the 6-figure mark within nine months. Since then, they’ve worked with nearly a hundred creative brands, including High Moon Studio, Squarestylist, Wayfarer Design Studio, and Quill and Co. Design, helping them with their Pinterest marketing as their main focus.

Wildroot Marketing’s vision is to create holistic and effective marketing strategies that are designed to increase brand awareness, convert leads, and transform a brand’s online presence. From account setups, monthly management, to creating evergreen sales funnels and ad campaigns, Miranda and Joshua will help you lay a strong foundation on Pinterest. Every project begins with an intensive strategy phase to help brands understand their audience first, know what they’re looking for, how their audience’s needs align with their goals, and ultimately, how they convert them to paying customers. Their focus is on conversion metrics, not just vanity metrics - their marketing strategies are based on buyer psychology, statistics, data, research, and personal experiences, enabling them to deliver incredible results, time after time.

Jen Stanbrook (@jenstanbrook)

As a top UK interiors blogger, Jen had been using Pinterest for years to boost her website traffic with incredible results. So much so that her blog and business has given her life changing experiences and opportunities in the last decade as well as 1 million followers on Pinterest. Other bloggers and businesses started asking her how they could do the same, and so she created her first course PINSIGHT. Now 4 years later she is a leading voice in Pinterest Marketing in the UK and has helped hundreds of businesses master the art of Pinterest through courses Pinning Made Simple, workshops such as PinTips and 1-1 coaching. This year she launched her flagship programme, The Pinning Club, a membership group for businesses to get the support they need as they implement their Pinterest skills. Reaching a wider audience, improving sales and growing email lists through Pinterest can feel overwhelming but Jen makes it simple, logical and fun with her no nonsense, step by step approach. A champion of female entrepreneurs in particular, Jen has created a community of inspiring founders who love her energy and positive outlook.

Georgina White (@pineapplewhitemedia)

Georgina White, Founder of Pineapple White Media is a Pinterest Coach & Account specialist who specialises in working with Online Entrepreneurs (Coaches, Course Creators, Podcasters & Creative Service Providers) to help them understand and leverage the incredible Power of Pinterest Marketing in order to; drive web traffic, grow their email lists and get new clients! Recently nominated as one of the 'Top 40 Digital Women to watch in 2020' and a Finalist for 'Digital Woman of the Year 2020’ Georgina offers 1-1 Coaching and Pinterest Management to clients who want to run a profitable business, attract new clients AND have a life BUT without the juggling act. Marketing your business on Pinterest is easier than you think and Georgie is passionate about showing you how!

Kate Wilkinson (@katewilkinsoncreative)

Spending her days helping heart-led coaches and entrepreneurs sell their products, programs and courses on autopilot, Kate Wilkinson is a Pinterest Strategist and VA Coach, who knows exactly how to leverage the power of Pinterest. Kate’s mission is simple – to turn the hustle-cycle on its head. When she works with her clients, she harnesses the power of Pinterest’s evergreen automated powers, allowing them to make passive sales without even having to open their laptop. “So often I speak to female business owners who tell me that they can’t step away from Instagram - even for a day - without worrying that their growth will come to a screeching halt” Kate explains.

Having experienced it all herself, Kate understands that no one is their best self when they’re burnt-out. This is why she believes and embodies this philosophy so heavily, as the impact it can have on your life, career, health and relationships can be dire. So, are you looking to build the foundations for lasting, sustainable business growth, regardless of the next algorithm change or social media trend? Kate has the skills, resources and abundance of energy to get you there.

Ariana Urbina (@arianaaurbina)

Ariana Urbina is a Pinterest strategist and mentor who has a passion for helping women elevate their lives, by finding purpose-led and balanced business ventures. She has always had a heart for helping others, volunteering for countless organizations throughout her teenage years. Right after graduating from college, she set out to make an impact by working for a non-profit organization.

When Ariana became a mom, she knew right away that she needed a career that would allow her to stay home with her children. That’s when she discovered Pinterest marketing, left her work, and began managing business accounts for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Ariana built her freelance business while working as a virtual assistant and a Pinterest social media manager simultaneously. Now that she was able to build a sustainable business giving her the freedom that she needed as a stay-at-home and working mom, she wanted to extend her knowledge by empowering others to do the same. This coming November, Ariana is launching her step-by-step course called Pin Pro VA, where she teaches how to build a full-fledged online business. She also offers private or group sessions for people wanting to have a higher level of support. If you’re looking to navigate the waters of being a multi-talented entrepreneur, Ariana’s firsthand experience will guide you towards your journey to success.

Melissa Clayton (@iammelissaclayton)

Melissa Clayton’s obsession with Pinterest started with the platform’s release in 2010. As an entrepreneur at the time, she quickly realized the potential of the platform. She began learning the do’s and don’ts all the while working as a business owner herself. Over the years, she recognized an opportunity to extend the strategies to business owners as she noticed how underutilized Pinterest is, especially by most businesses without a physical product.

In 2019, she founded Pinfinite Profits, a group coaching program designed to give business owners the tools and strategies needed to grow and monetize with Pinterest. In just a year, Melissa has helped numerous brands connect with their target customers through Pinterest. Her bootcamp training usually spans in just 10 days, giving her clients immediate results. Melissa arranges the online training in small groups to allow business-centered conversations in the spirit of teamwork and encourage them to bounce ideas comfortably. After completion of the bootcamp, Melissa makes herself available for her students to reach out to her freely in case of any issues or questions that may arise. With a decade of experience on her hands, Melissa is a Pinterest expert to keep an eye on.

Emma Henderson (@digitalnomadmarketingco)

Emma Henderson is a Pinterest expert and online business coach based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Starting her career in marketing and e-commerce in New York City, it wasn’t until she was acquainted with a friend of Pinterest’s founder in a training course she attended, that she realized the power of Pinterest for online business. Applying what she learned, she began implementing Pinterest marketing strategies at work and eventually on her online business. After leaving NYC for a quieter life in North Carolina, Emma decided to take the leap and started her own business, Digital Nomad Marketing Co.

Initially Emma focused solely on offering Pinterest management services to high-caliber online businesses. However, she saw an opportunity to extend her knowledge about the platform, expanding her offerings with the addition of her top-rated Pinterest Marketing course, The Pin Method, and Pinterest VA mentorship program. On top of that, she recently introduced coaching and mentorship programs geared towards ambitious online business owners wanting to grow their brand. She believes that if you are only focused on the growth of your social media accounts and you can’t show how that impacts the business as a whole, then proving ROI is nearly impossible. With this in mind, Emma approaches her coaching by ensuring ROI and all of the factors affecting it are clear from the start.

Her vision is to continue educating her students on the power of Pinterest, while also guiding them towards clarifying their vision, taking inspired action, and hitting consistent five-figure months.

Archana Haarnack (@iarchana)

Archana Haarnack is a Pinterest marketing expert living and working in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. Growing up, she wanted to become a stewardess and travel the world, but she had a change of heart after finishing Tourism in college and becoming a European hostess. She discovered the Internet and learned everything about making websites by herself. In 2005, Archana started a blog for her other passion including interior, furniture, and bedroom design. She discovered trends about home décor on Pinterest and started meeting other interior bloggers to connect with.

Her passion for interior design and everything she learned about blogging, social media, online marketing, SEO, and Pinterest led her to start a marketing agency focused on helping interior and bedding brands grow their business, traffic, and sales with Pinterest. Her knowledge and experience with the platform helped her grow as a Pinterest Marketing Expert. Archana began using Pinterest in 2010, but it wasn’t until 2014 that she was able to turn her hobby into a business. Developing her own unique strategies, she now shares all her Pinterest knowledge with people wanting to grow their reach and traffic. She offers her services through in-person and online training, managing Pinterest accounts, and Pinterest ads campaigns. All these thanks to her decision to pivot a career 15 years ago. Now, Archana gets invited to speak at events, share tips in podcasts and interviews, and is a columnist for a Dutch publication called Bedding Business Magazine.

Make sure to follow each of these incredible Pinterest experts, as they continue to help their clients thrive and leverage the amazing tools pinterest has to offer. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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