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Top 10 most in-demand skills employers need

LinkedIn has revealed the top skills Aussie workers need to future-proof their careers.

Aussie workers in the city. Australian money notes. Job skills.
Aussie employers are increasingly looking at skills, rather than experience, when hiring new workers. (Source: Getty)

Aussie employers are changing the way they are hiring, as the nation faces a massive skills shortage and unemployment remains at a record low.

LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report found bosses were focusing more on skills than experience when hiring new talent.

“Many business leaders and hiring managers are increasingly looking at a skills-based hiring approach, rather than on traditional experience to get candidates through the door,” LinkedIn senior director of ANZ talent and learning solutions Adam Gregory said.

This year, many companies are looking for workers with “soft skills” like communication, management and leadership.

For Aussie workers, Gregory said learning these skills would help “future-proof” their careers and help them reach their career goals.

“With the job market in flux, Aussie workers should be looking at how they can upskill in key areas to future-proof their career and prepare for the unknown, while also enhancing and remaining confident in their abilities to be best prepared for change,” Gregory said.

10 most in-demand job skills

Here are the top skills employers are looking for:

  1. Management

  2. Communication

  3. Customer service

  4. Leadership

  5. Project management

  6. Sales

  7. Strategy

  8. Analytical

  9. Research

  10. Marketing

Aussie companies were also keen to upskill their existing employees, LinkedIn found, with 85 per cent of learning and development professionals agreeing that proactively building skills would help companies navigate the future of work.

Meanwhile, Aussies workers are willing to switch jobs to develop their skills. According to LinkedIn, the top reason Aussies seek a new job is to have “opportunities to develop and learn new skills”, followed by “compensation and benefits” and “flexibility to work when and where I want”.

It comes as Australia confronts a “staggering” skills shortage, with nearly a third of all industries facing worker shortfalls.

The federal government is now offering up to $5,000 in direct payments for Aussies who take on eligible apprenticeships for in-demand occupations, including building inspectors, youth workers and swimming instructors.

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