Tony's town says 'I do' to gay marriage

Perry Duffin
Tony Abbott's view on same sex marriage appears out of step with his Warringah electorate.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott may be the highest profile opponent of same-sex marriage but as the September plebiscite approaches, his own electorate has revealed it overwhelmingly supports gay marriage.

Almost 700 residents across the federal electorate of Warringah were asked if same sex couples should be able to get married.

Almost seven in 10 (69.7 per cent) agreed they should, 25.7 per cent did not and 4.6 per cent were undecided.

The poll was conducted by the left-leaning Australia Institute think tank.

Majority support was revealed across all age-groups with the 18-34 bracket leading the charge with 83.9 per cent in favour.

Even the age-group with the lowest support, 65 and older, came in at 57.3 per cent in favour.

Liberal voters polled 60.3 per cent in favour, Labor voters 88 per cent and every Green polled expressed support.

The lowest support came from One Nation voters, of whom 68.3 per cent opposed same-sex marriage and only 22.3 per cent supported it.